Curriculum Overview

The Greetland Academy Geography curriculum inspires a curiosity and fascination about the World and its people. Geography is taught discreetly as a stand alone subject and where appropriate links can be made to other subjects. Geography is alternated half-termly with History and will be taught in Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1. There is no set amount of lessons per week therefore teachers are encouraged to use flexibility in their weekly timetables to ensure the unit is completed. Fieldwork and specific Geographical skills such as map work must be taught within all units.

At the Greetland Academy, every Geography unit is framed around an overarching enquiry question and echoes the structure of the National Curriculum:
Locational knowledge, Place knowledge, Human and Physical Geography
Geographical skills and fieldwork

The structure of The Greetland Curriculum enables children to broaden their knowledge of countries around the world throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well as revisiting and reinforcing place and locational knowledge of the UK. Through fieldwork, enquiry and investigation, children gain a deep understanding of how their local environment differs to others and how environments impact the way people live.

Our Geography Curriculum

Our aims for our pupils

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