The Greetland Academy is committed to providing a secure and supportive environment in which children can develop and grow into mature and responsible people. Safeguarding children is a central part of our whole academy approach to ensure that children are protected from abuse and neglect and that every child reaches their full potential. This is achieved by:

  • Creating an environment whereby high standards of work, effort and behaviour are expected and rewarded with praise and encouragement.
  • Providing a curriculum, which will help all children to develop their full potential.
  • Providing appropriate training and learning opportunities to sustain the personal and professional development of all staff, governors and volunteers.
  • Developing an academy community where everyone feels valued and secure, shows understanding of others, respects diversity and promotes equality of opportunity and encourages a sense of pride in our academy.
  • Working in partnership with parents by offering support, information and advice about their child’s learning and development.

Mrs Crowther
Principal &
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Useful Support Contact Numbers:

Useful Support Links:

If you are ever concerned about any child please speak to Mrs Crowther, Mrs Ashton, Mrs Graham, Miss Whiteley or any member of the Senior Management Team.

We are pleased to have received our second ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ certifcate from the NSPCC following our classes’ completion of another really positive set of workshops with NSPCC trainers. It was lovely to receive the following message from the NSPCC:
“As a huge thank you from all of us at the NSPCC for your success with our fundraising we have sent a ‘Furry Buddy’ for your school to keep. Congratulations you are the first school in our area to receive one and I am so proud and thankful for all your effort. Please give a great big thank you to the children.”

Safeguarding Policies:

Please also see our Policies page and Covid-19 page.

The following policies are on our Trust website:

  • Keeping Children Safe In Education documentation
  • Calderdale School Child Protection Procedures 2019-20
  • Anti-Bullying Policy – 2021
  • DBS Policy and Procedures – 2019
  • Freedom of Information Act Policy – 2023
  • Preventing Radicalisation Policy – 2023
  • Protecting and Safeguarding Children – 2022
  • Safer Recruitment and Safeguarding Children – 2023

Click on the image below to enlarge our Safeguarding poster which is widely displayed at both Academy sites: