Statutory Requirements

Grant Allocations

Catch-Up Funding:

COVID-19 Catch-up Funding Strategy

Pupil Premium:

Pupil Premium Action Plan 20/21
Pupil Premium Impact Summary 19/20
Pupil Premium Action Plan 19/20
Pupil Premium Impact Summary 18/19
Pupil Premium Action Plan 18/19
Pupil Premium Impact Summary 17/18
Pupil Premium Action Plan 17/18
Pupil Premium Impact Summary 16/17
Pupil Premium Action Plan 16/17
Pupil Premium Impact Summary 15/16
Pupil Premium Action Plan 15/16
Pupil Premium Impact Summary 14/15

PE Grant:

PE Grant Review of Action Plan 20/21
PE Grant Action Plan 20/21
PE Grant Impact Summary 19/20
PE Grant Action Plan 19/20
PE Grant Impact Summary 18/19
PE Grant Action Plan 18/19
PE Grant Impact Summary 17/18
PE Grant Action Plan 17/18
PE Grant Impact Summary 16/17
PE Grant Action Plan 16/17

Ofsted Status

The Greetland Academy converted from Greetland Primary School on 1st January 2011. As an outstanding academy converter we have yet to receive an Ofsted inspection. Please click on the links below to access our last/current inspection status:

Annual Trust Reports and Accounts

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