Supporting Learning At Home

Homework at The Greetland Academy

In response to a survey of parental opinion the following approaches to homework were agreed with our Pupil School Council in September 2019:

Reception and Year One: Reading books are sent home once children can blend at school. Please can children read daily to an adult, this can be recorded in the Reading Record which is sent home with the reading book.

Year Two: one short piece of maths homework linked to the work that week, weekly spellings that will be tested iteratively and reading at least 5 times a week.

KS2: one short piece of maths that is differentiated either as a worksheet or through an online link, weekly spellings that are tested iteratively, times table practise through TT Rockstars and reading at least 5 times a week.

Year Six: in addition to the above, Year Six will also have one short piece of grammar homework to prepare them for the end of KS2 assessment. We also purchase a revision guide for every child so that they can carry out further independent study.

Reading at Home: We have purchased new planners for KS2 this year that include a section where reading at home can be recorded and KS1 have a reading record. It is really important that every time your child reads you take a few moments to record how they got on so that we can follow it up in school. All homework will be stuck in a homework book and marked so that parents and children can see how they have done each week.

Whole School: For each half term holiday (October, February and May), teachers will set an optional project-based piece of work linking to what the children have been doing in subjects other than Maths and English. How these projects are presented will be totally up to your child as the Council felt it was important to allow everyone to demonstrate their learning through the medium that they wish to do so. If a child does complete a project, they will be rewarded with the class reward system and their work will also be displayed at the next Open Afternoon for everyone to see. These projects will be shared with the children at the start of the half term so that there is plenty of notice as the Council recognised that families may go on holiday over the half term breaks.

For our Christmas and Easter holidays, our School Council recognised that these are key points in the year when families get together so there will be no homework set. Instead, the Council have come up with a list of suggested activities for our children to do with their family and friends. These will be stuck in the homework books and space left if you wish to stick in some photos of what you have been up to. These will be used to promote discussion in class when they return from the holidays.

Our Use of Seesaw

Seesaw is an online platform for student engagement and parental involvement. It inspires pupils to do their best. Children at the Academy use a range of digital tools to create and share their work and capture their learning in a personal portfolio. Teachers create and manage activities to challenge pupils and share achievements with their parents.

Seesaw is our main means of communication with parents. It is designed to share and celebrate learning. It helps teachers to capture the learning process and provides parents with a window into the classroom so they can support learning at home. Every child has an individual account and we would like all parents to link to these to receive regular updates about progress and achievement plus class, year group and school news. There will be at least one ‘Principal’s Message’ per half-term. All letters to parents, excepting those requiring signed consent, will be posted on Seesaw. If a parent cannot access Seesaw they should inform the main school office.