School Council – ‘Pupil Voice’

School Council 2020-21

Our School Council elections for 2020-21 have been temporarily delayed by the priority to safely manage the current Covid-19 situation.

We do still encourage our pupils to ‘let their voice be heard’ and have a display promoting this in the main Key Stage 2 corridor. Recently two Year 5 pupils asked if they could re-arrange the school’s cancelled Halloween events and confidently wrote to all the parents about this.

Children enjoying the Halloween day and whole-school Zoom assembly organised by two of their peers.

School Council 2019-20

On Friday 20th September 2019 every child in Key Stages 1 and 2 voted to democratically elect our new school Councillors. Congratulations to all elected class Councillors!

Key Stage 1 School Council for 2019-20

Key Stage 2 School Council for 2019-20