Curriculum Overview

At the Greetland Academy music is a highly valued subject, it supports our pupils in building a sense of community and they grow in confidence through shared performances and singing. It enables them to show their creativity through the compositions and sounds they make and helps us to build the cultural capital of our children.

The Greetland Music Curriculum is underpinned by Kapow.  Music is taught from EYFS to Year 6 and is built around a spiral progression to ensure skills are revisited and built upon each year.

The Greetland Music curriculum corresponds with the National Curriculum and the Model Music Curriculum and is structured into five main elements of music. Inter-related dimensions of music, performing, listening, composing and the history of music. Each of these elements are taught discreetly and are revisited and built on overtime as children progress through the curriculum

Our curriculum is organised into six units per year group with five or six lessons for each unit. Within each unit, lessons must be taught in order as they build upon one another. 

Children in Year 5 learn to play the flute, this is delivered by the Calderdale Music Trust. During these terms, this will be their music lesson.
The whole school also partake weekly in a singing assembly. 

Our Year 4 and 5 children are also given the opportunity to learn to play the guitar through the Wider Opportunities Scheme.

We are especially proud that the children have access to extra-curricular musical experiences. Our choir at KS2 has more recently been extended to become a community choir and children across KS2 are given the opportunity to join our Recorder Club. Through Calderdale Music Trust, pupils can undertake music lessons on a whole host of instruments. These are private lessons that take place in school; parents agreed arrangement is with the Music Trust. Contact can be made via or 01422 303060 for further information.

Our links with Elland Rotary Club, St Thomas’ Church and the Square Chapel Arts Centre enable us to perform for audiences throughout the year.

Every year we host a Summer Music Festival to showcase the amazing talent we have across school, not only from our children but also from our staff!

Our aims for our pupils

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Music Curriculum Overview