Curriculum Overview

The Art and Design curriculum offers pupils a unique way of perceiving themselves and the world. It is taught for 3 half terms of the year which is alternated with Design & Technology. The units are centred on the 6 formal elements of art which are taught discreetly and are revisited and built on overtime as children progress towards the end of Key Stage 2.

The Formal Elements of Art:
Line, Shape, Tone, Texture, Pattern and Colour

Each unit focuses specifically on skills within the areas of
Drawing, Painting, Printing, Sculpting, Use of sketchbooks and the creation of original art work

The Greetland Academy Art Curriculum builds on the Formal Elements of Art and knowledge of skills which are then applied throughout the rest of the units. The curriculum provides both challenge and support for all learners. Each Year group has a drawing focus unit, a painting and mixed media unit and then a sculpture and 3D unit.  The Elements of Art and Skills are progressive and are taught iteratively.

Alongside pupil’s developing their artistic ability children are exposed to a wealth and variety of Artists and Artwork. Children develop their oracy skills in Art which enables them to interpret, analysis, evaluate and offer their opinion. The pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of Art movements & styles such as impressionism, realism, abstract art & modern art. The curriculum gives pupils the opportunities to observe, question and study world famous Artist, across the eras, from Banksy to Warhol as well as Local Artists; Kate Lycett, Barbra Hepworth & David Hockney.The purpose is for pupils to develop an interest and appreciate of Art and equip them with the skills to analyse and critique different pieces of Art. They build their own narrative which enables them to articulate and justify their perspective as well as express their own opinions.

Each unit builds to a ‘personal response’. This is a piece of artwork which the children create independently to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and take inspiration from the artist/s they have focused on. The children then have an opportunity to share that final personal response with a wider audience.

Our aims for our pupils

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Our Art and Design Curriculum Unit Overview

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