Remote Education

Our Remote Education Policy & Information for Parents

21/01/21 – Remote Education Policy (updated)
21/01/21 – Remote Education Information for Parents

Remote Education letters to Parents

15/01/21 – Daily class Zoom letter
05/01/21 – Remote Learning letter to parents

Find out about our ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’

04/03/21 – The Education Endowment Foundation has just published a report on evidence of Remote Learning best practice across the country. This includes a casestudy (page 5) of ‘ Supporting pupils to work independently’ at the Greetland Academy.

Remote Education Resources

Seesaw is an app which provides our pupils with an interactive, learning platform and creates strong links between school and home.

Seesaw gives pupils a place to document their learning, be creative and develop their knowledge of technology. Each pupil has their own journal and can add to it in a variety of ways, such as photos, videos, drawings, or notes.

At The Greetland Academy, we have also been able to use Seesaw as a platform for sharing remote-learning. The features have allowed us to structure a remote-learning day. Teachers can film lessons, share content, set activities, voice record and demonstrate examples. On Seesaw, teachers can also provide regular feedback to praise, encourage or support learning. The inclusivity of the app means all pupils, from Reception to Year 6, can access and complete remote-learning on Seesaw.

Nessy is a fun, engaging programme that develops reading, spelling and word processing skills. Each child that receives this intervention has a bespoke package tailored to his or her specific needs.

Nessy allows children to gain independence when practicing their spellings and reading and allows opportunities to use their phonics knowledge to spell new and unfamiliar words.
Here is the link to the Nessy website
Those children who will benefit from using Nessy have been given their login details by their teachers.

Using a Playstation or XBox to access schoolwork

See this guide for how to use an Xbox to access Seesaw and this one for how to use a Playstation to access TTRockstars. Seesaw should also work on any Smart TV.

Remote Education Resources

Our Trust has produced a guide to:

  • Help your child to focus
  • Deal with the lack of contact with classmates
  • Help with motivation

Bug Club (click here for ‘What is Bug Club and what are the benefits?’) During lockdown, reading books will be set online for your child using Pearson Bug Club. Bug Club is a fantastic resource that enables us to set books at your child’s reading level.

Within each book there are short activities and quizzes to complete. Once your child has completed these activities, they will receive tokens that they can then use to develop their online Bug Club world!
Here is the link to the Bug Club website.
Your child’s log in details will have been posted on your child’s Seesaw account.

TT Rockstars is an amazing resource that we use from Year 2 upwards.

TT Rockstars allows the children to practise their times tables in three different modes and makes it more engaging for the children. The times tables are set by the class teachers so that the children will only practise the times tables that they will know from learning at school. It provides the children with the multiplication and division statements related to those times tables. The children can improve their time and get new Rockstar Statuses, collecting coins along the way.
Here is the link to the TT Rockstars website
Usernames and passwords for TT Rockstars will be on your child’s Seesaw page.