Senior Learning Mentor/Pastoral Manager

Nichola Simpson

Nichola Simpson is our Senior Learning Mentor/Pastoral Manager and works across both sites supporting our children and families.

I mentor children with social, emotional and behavioural needs and I also work with children who maybe need to work on confidence and self-esteem or anyone who just needs a friendly face and a chat! I do a lot with attendance and punctuality and supporting children in overcoming any barriers that they might need help and support with.
I also work with parents, families and the community through setting up and delivering workshops, helping with needs and problems and being a source of information and a helping hand if you need anything.
I am extremely passionate about supporting young people to be their very best and am very excited to meet you all so please come and say hello when you can!”

Miss Simpson

Supporting the Return back to School

Hi Everyone,
I have attached some more work and ideas and included some back to school books and worksheets with some questions to ask which might help ease any worries about coming back to school and gauge your child’s response to the possible return in a couple of weeks.. Please remember we are here to support you and if you need anything please get in touch and let me know. We are here to support you as a family in any way we can.
Miss Simpson

Lockdown Wellbeing Support and Resources

During this difficult time, I wanted to reach out to let you know that even though school is currently closed to many we are still here to support your child and your family in whatever way we can.
You might be noticing signs of increasing anxiety in your child as they are spending more time indoor and outside of their normal routines.
I have put together some resources (see below) to help support your child. I hope you find the information helpful, and I will update these resources every two weeks so that you have tools to help you through these times.
As a school we are extremely grateful for all the support you have shown us as we have adapted once again to the circumstances, and we want to reassure you that we are here to support you too.
We will get through this together and if you need any further help or assistance or just a chat please email the KS2 office, and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.
Stay safe, stay well

Miss Simpson

Lockdown Wellbeing Resources

29/01/21 – Wellbeing Bingo!
29/01/21 – Breathing Boards
29/01/21 – Feelings Game

Remote Education letters to Parents

29/01/21 – Wellbeing Resource pack
29/01/21 – Family Mindfulness Schedule
29/01/21 – Mindful Monsters Activities A-C
29/01/21 – Mindful Monsters Activities D-L