Student Leadership

At The Greetland Academy, we provide opportunities for our pupils to become student leaders. This allows our pupils, from Reception to Year 6, to develop wider responsibilities. We empower our pupils to take on different roles linked to the curriculum and our school values as we believe it is an essential part of building our school community where students know their voice is known and heard. The roles create a platform for our pupils to build their leadership skills and positively impact the school and the wider community.

We have structured our student leadership into 6 areas. Each area has a ‘head’ led by a Year 6 pupil and a key member of staff as their ‘line manager’ who they report into.


Head of Art

KS1 Art Ambassadors

KS2 Art Ambassadors


Head of Computing

KS1 Computing Ambassadors

KS2 Computing Ambassadors


Head of Reading

KS1 Reading Ambassadors

KS2 Reading Ambassadors


Head of Sport

KS1 Sport Ambassadors

KS2 Sport Ambassadors

KS2 Play Leaders

Personal Development

Head of Personal Development

KS1 Friendship Ambassadors

KS2 Well-Being Ambassadors


Head of Operations

KS1 Eco Monitors

KS2 Eco Monitors

KS1 Tidy Classroom Champions

KS2 Tidy Classroom Champions