As we have come to the end of week 3 of the lockdown and I reflect on my own experience as a parent of two children who are home-schooling at the moment, I wanted to send you all a little message of support. Times are tough at the moment whilst we try to juggle our own jobs, children’s school work and the other pressures that this pandemic brings. There are also lots of rumours in the media about when schools may reopen, which at times are not very helpful. There is enormous pressure on our own mental health and the dark, and rainy/snowy weather hasn’t helped with this. Now, more than ever, we need to support each other to get through this together.

What I want to say to you all (parents of children in school and at home) is WELL DONE. Whatever your personal circumstances, we have been blown away with the fantastic job you are all doing. If your child has stayed up late, played too much on their console or not done all their school work……..THAT’S OKAY. We know how much our children are loved and cared for and how they are all kept safe and that is the most important thing at the moment. We know that we have high expectations here and we have set a lot of work to be done at home. We have to provide this as the government have made it the law this time round. All we ask is that you as a family do your best. If you are only able to do 30 minutes of reading and maths work here and there, that is okay- just let us know. If you want to do all the work we set, that is okay. Please do not let school work put any extra pressure on you when you are also trying to hold down jobs, earn a living and keep your children safe. Everyone’s circumstances are very different and we appreciate that. It is also fine to let your child get the answers wrong. This will help us to give feedback and support where needed and even adapt the work for the next day. If your child does find something hard, they can send a message to their teacher and they will respond as soon as they can to offer some help.

On Wednesday, we will be having a special ‘screen-free day’ both in school and for those children at home and more information about this will come out tomorrow. This day will offer everyone the opportunity to take a well-deserved break from the demands of home-schooling.

Finally, whilst we may not be open to all pupils at the moment, we are still here to offer emotional support to all of our families. If you need support, a chat, a virtual cuppa or even a cry- we are here. Take care, stay safe and remember that we think you are all doing amazing. Keep adding those kilometres to our Trust mountain challenge also as it really does help to get out in the fresh air.


Mrs Crowther